Join our #HandofPeace campaign!


International Alert has launched a #HandofPeace campaign to spread a message of collaboration and unity this month ahead of the International Day of Peace on 21 September, when our third Talking Peace Festival kicks off.

The campaign invites you to join hands with someone, whether it be with a friend, foe, partner or stranger, and share a selfie with us on social media.

We believe everyone can play a part in supporting peace, every day. This has been International Alert’s focus for the past thirty years, and it’s what’s driven us to work alongside and bring together local communities, governments and businesses in conflict areas around the world.

Through the #HandofPeace campaign we are asking you to play a part and spread this message by sharing your own collaborative gesture, and show that peace is within our power.

How can I get involved?

Join the campaign and help us rise above stories of violence that dominate the headlines by:

  • Visiting our free #HandofPeace photo booth at House of Vans London, which will be open throughout the Talking Peace Festival.
  • Signing up to our Thunderclap page. A tweet or Facebook post about the campaign will then posted from your account on Peace Day.
  • Joining hands with someone and tweet this selfie to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #HandofPeace – and why not nominate others you’d like to see join hands!
  • Spreading the word on social media by sharing this image on Twitter or Facebook.

Please tag us too so we can share your selfie: